Healing Stone Facial





Facial Beautify

The healing stone is very suitable for cosmetic treatments because of its special properties. Its micro-crystal structure makes it feel silky smooth and comfortable on the skin. When rubbed against the body, the stone gives out abundant ultrasonic impulses. These penetrate the body, increasing circulation and bringing oxygen to the skin cells, so that the skin condition can be visibly improved in the areas treated, and the metabolism stimulated. With its penetrating infrared remote sensing, the stone can increase the temperature of the area treated by 1 C 2 C. Its penetrating Infrared Ray can also reach beneath the skin and be directly applied to the area that is causing the problem. The vibratile energy produces mechanical and chemical effects as well as thermal effects. The treatment process accelerates the lymphatic circulation, activates cell regeneration, reduces and softens wrinkles, and tightens tissue. It is suitable for all skin types. This treatment not only makes your face look younger, it can also relieve your skin problems. We use the same therapies when working on your body. Holistic treatment brings balance to your body, so that you not only look better, you also feel better!

Take your skin care to a new level.