Herbal Hydrotherapy
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Herbal Hydrotherapy- For Feet & Lower leg

A medicated bath is one form of external treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Foot and lower leg herbal hydrotherapy is different from foot reflexology or a foot bath. It is a combination of thermo therapy, hydrotherapy and magnetic therapy. It is safe with no side effects and is very popular in China, being used at many TCM hospitals there. 

How does it work?

Clients dip their lower legs and feet into a special device which produces heat and an alternating magnetic field. The solution contains herbal medicines which were designed for different conditions and diseases.

The permeability of the skin is increased by the effects of the magnetic field, allowing the skin to more deeply absorb the herbal medicines contained in the solution, Heat from the water and steam stimulates many acupoints and meridians on the lower legs and feet which are very important for whole body.

The treatment aims to balance and regulate the systems and to detoxify the body. It can assist people who have diabetes, vascular diseases, fatigue, circulation impediments, arthritis, insomnia etc. It is also good at helping with tiredness and restoring physical strength. Many health problems can be treated by this treatment alone or combined with Energy stone therapy, if needed. The treatments are also used simply to keep good health