David L.(Coquitlam,BC) Dec 2013

I am a business man and travel all of the world. Always touch with different person. 1 year ago , I was got shingles all-around of  my back , and I went into Dr office for more than 2 weeks, but no any signature  getting  well, the pain and itchy from the shingles was very hit me, my business have to pause a while and no sleep at day and night. Final someone recommend  Dr. Gloria, I thought I already spent 2 week to try the western drug and doctor prescriptions. Why give the Chinese doctor a trial. Only after 2 days treatment by Dr Gloria, it was starts disappear and no more feel itchy.  After 1 week, it completely gone. I was so glad to meet with Dr Gloria. I will give her 5 star overview.


ANNA XU (Langley,BC) Jan 2014

My mom was helping me to raise my kid from 6 months old. From 12 months my kid start to walk but not very stable. He always ask my mom ANNA xu to hug him and carry him at arm, after 2 months like that, my mom’s left side arm start losing feeling and pain. She can’t even use left side to open the door. I sent to doctor office to inspect. Doctor gave some prescriptions to my mom, and told me my mom should not allow the carry kids anymore. But kids always kids. He still keep ask my mom to carry and hug him every day. So my mom’s arm has no any improvement, I thought I need send her to acupuncture and try too. We found Gloria at internet.  And 1st time, my mom was scary to treat acupuncture. But after 2 times, she already feel better even my kids still need carried at arm, after 5 times treatment, she told me she recovered 80%. I was so happy to hear that.


Lan Y

From Lan Y.   Burnaby, BC    Feb. 2013

I had a severe car accident in May of 2010. My neck and upper back were injured, and I was off work for three months. I had many other therapeutic treatments; but the pain was still always there. I saw Gloria for several acupuncture treatments in 2012 and my pain was reduced greatly by those treatments. Afterwards, I could sleep the whole night through without been woken up by pain. My headache is gone. My life is bright again.
Thank you so much for your great help!


Laura   Coquitlam, BC Mar. 2011

Gloria was very professional giving acupuncture. She made me feel comfortable while receiving treatment for my sore shoulder and heavy/long menstrual cycle. She created a very relaxing environment which quickly eliminated my initial nerves upon receiving the treatment. My menstrual cycle is now very manageable and my once dislocated shoulder is now back to 100%.

Thanks for all of the help Gloria!

Sharon M

Sharon M. Port Coquitlam,  BC, Sep. 2011

Having been prescribed many medications and recently having spinal surgery, it was shocking to feel so much relief from just laying down with a few tiny needles. While I would never discount the help my surgeon provided, I definitively attest to the value of pursuing a combination of western and eastern approaches to health and wellness.


Denise M. Port Coquitlam (BC)  June 2008

I got pain on my whole right arm for 20 years because over use. It bothered me a lot, I couldn’t lift it up. No any treatment could help me before. After I got Healing Stone treatment at GC Natural Health, my arm pained less and less every day.  Right now, I can move my arm freely. Even the skin problem around my neck is gone-it had bothered me for more than 30 years. I am so happy for the result.

John, Port Coquitlam (BC) Sep 2007

I went to GC Natural Health for treatment for my chronic neck pain. I had severe neck pain on my right side for a total of 15 long years.  
  Over the 15 years I tried every type of therapy offered. I saw regular physic, massage, and even specialty types of message. The improvements were very minimal and sometimes there were no results to relieve the pain. I was at the point of complete frustration and pretty much lost hope of a pain fleck neck. I had seemed to use up all my options.
After only one treatment at GC I saw probably the most results ever. The therapist was able to locate my stiffness in the right side. I continued with some sessions seeing more improvements each time. Now I am on the road to complete recovery as I am about 98% better. I am real happy I finally found a solution and start being active again.

Norma P. Coquitlam (BC)

My toes had been bothering me for a few months, due to the beginnings of osteo-arthritis. I had to resort to wearing my runners or hiking boots for comfort. High heels were already a thing of the past and now, regular dress shoes were, too. With a few sessions of foot and lower leg herbal hydro-therapy and healing stone massage, Gloria has eased some of the pain when walking. Plus she taught me to massage my toes myself and I thought I no longer would need her. After experiencing the best facial (healing stone facial) that I have ever had, I am hooked. It was so relaxing and I am sure I look 10 years younger. I think we may have a long term relationship here. Thanks, Gloria.

Doug A. (Maple Ridge, BC)

A professional massage in a warm and comfortable setting. Gloria has a feel which muscles ache, and which needs deep tissue work. It is easy to feel relaxed in her company. The massage left me with a feeling of being more energized.

Jo-Ann M. (Coquitlam, BC)

Thank you for helping me. I have had a frozen shoulder for the past 2 years. I have tried Physiotherapy and other treatments but they did not work. The Energy Stone Therapy you performed worked!!!! I can now move my arms and swing a Golf Club again. Thank you once again!

Keith S.(Gibsons, BC)

“After only two treatments from Gloria with Energy Stones and acupressure, most of the muscular pain and stiffness that had been bothering me disappeared. With her experience and skilled hands she was able to find all the tight spots and relieve the discomfort. The evening after my second treatment I went to my regular yoga class, and was amazed at how much more flexible I had become. Postures that had been difficult before suddenly became easy! I'll certainly be returning for more treatments."