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Energy stone Tools


1. Healing Stone:Block: using as Far Infrared Remote Sensing and Far Infrared Radio Healing Tool. $199.00

2. Healing Stone Plate (Oval shap): used for scarping, rubbing, and massage treatments. $129.00

3. Multi function Healing Stone Plate: used for inducing treatment, massage, puncturing on acupoints, edge for rubbing along the channels. $119.00

4. Healing Stone Bracelet: using beads massage acupoints, body. It can balance your body's Ying and Yang when you wear it every day. $109.00

5. Healing Stone Comb: used for head massage: it eliminates headache and refreshes the brain. It will help for hair regrowth, preventing losing hair. The edge can be used massage the body.$129.00

6.Healing Stone Button: $12

7. Healing Stone Pendant: $28